Running Shoes Terrain

Picking the right shoe for your preferred terrain is vital. The two main terrains that shoes are built for are road and trail. Both types of shoes have very different characteristics to offer you the best performance possible on your chosen terrain.

Road shoes are typically lightweight, featuring plush foam on the bottom to maximise your comfort on a run. They will be flexible, giving your foot a wide range of motion, allowing your foot movement to be as natural as possible as you go. Road shoes will normally have a breathable upper to allow for breathability, keeping your feet cool especially over long distances. 

Trail shoes are designed to offer more grip when running off road. More rugged than a standard road shoe, trail shoes are built to help protect your feet, and make running off road easier. Uppers are typically reinforced to provide protection and the soles feature lugs which grip into the often softer ground. INOV-8 have a great selection of trail shoes, whilst brands like HOKA and Brooks also have offerings.