Running Shoes Types

Getting the right pair of running shoes is important for every runner. A good pair of shoes can enhance your running experience and help prevent any injuries you may experience. However, the right pair is different for everyone so choosing the correct type is vital. There are two main types of running shoes, neutral and support. 

Neutral shoes are designed for people with a neutral gait. A neutral gait refers to the foot landing on the outer edge and then rolling inwards in a controlled manner. Pressure is evenly distributed through the forefoot on toe off. A neutral shoe will offer balanced cushioning throughout the midsole.

Support shoes typically have added technology designed to help control lateral movement of the foot. Support shoes are largely designed to cater for over-pronation, which is an excessive inward rolling of the foot with weight transferred to the inner edge of the foot. Support shoes will typically offer some form of structure within the midsole.